Skyland Employees

Heather Butler

Heather Butler's bio continued.
My name is Heather Butler, and I am the Assistant Superintendent at Skyland Golf Course. Most customers know me as “the girl who mows the greens on Sunday mornings” or “the one on the sprayer” or as the turf crew worker elbow deep in an irrigation or drainage hole. In all honesty, you’d probably only recognize me if I was covered in mud.
I graduated from Brunswick High School in 1999, Notre Dame College in 2003, and am currently finishing my Master’s degree in English Literature at Cleveland State University. I am also working on obtaining licensure to teach Secondary Integrated Language Arts. During college, I was the starting pitcher for Notre Dame’s fast pitch team. At CSU, I have won the Andrew’s Foundation Award for my thesis prospectus and was a founding member of the college’s literary journal.
The 2011 season marks my 16th year at Skyland. I started in 1996 working carts on the weekends. In 1997, I joined the turf maintenance crew and was promoted to Assistant Superintendent in 2008.
Skyland Golf Course prides itself on being a “family business,” and for me, this is especially true. Not only do I get to work with a group of people that I literally consider my second family, but I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work with several members of my actual family. When I started in 1996, I joined my grandfather, Larry Virag, my brother, Bob Virag, and cousin, Wayne Zimmerman, who were on the turf maintenance crew and was served coffee, pop, lunch, and the occasional piece of homemade cake from my spunky, bartending grandmother, Ruth Virag. Over the years, Skyland has also employed my younger brother and my cousins, Danny and Holly Humphries. So, being here isn’t “work;” it’s hanging out with my family, and I can’t believe I get paid for it!
Some fun facts about me:
1.        My nickname is “Kyle.” Rich Rhodes is really the only person who uses it anymore, but if someone tells you to talk to Kyle, they mean me.
2.        I love to dig! It has to be my all time favorite job, and I have my own shovel.
3.        I “tag” everything with “I love the golf course.” These small, endearing acts of vandalism started as a game for Rich Rhodes and Bob Auber in the winter. I would tag walls, doors, the inside of drawers, etc and see how many they could find.