Youth League

The Skyland Youth League is perfect for building confidence, meeting friends and learning the game of golf while playing.

  • When? - Mondays at noon.
  • Where? - Skyland Golf Course, meet in the clubhouse.
  • When? - June 12th through August 7th, 2017
  • How much? - Your investment is only $8 for 9 holes.

Players should feel free to join the league at any point during the summer.

This league is not golf instruction, but an opportunity to golf with golfers of similar age in a league environment. For golf instruction, please check out or Jr. Clinics and Summer Golf Camps on our website under "Golf Training".

The Skyland Youth League is facilitated by youth golf mentor Art Bender. Art Bender works as a starter at Skyland. He is looking forward to the opportunity to run the Skyland Youth League. This is a chance for our younger generation to get exposed to golf and have fun too. Art will be sure to see that this league will get your youth some experience on the golf course and learn to enjoy the game!

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